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She's only gone and started a blog

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

A travel blog. Finally!

So, this has been something I've wanted to do for a while, and it's taken the Covid-19 Lockdown(s) to finally get me motivated! I've been collecting my thoughts and ideas for a couple of years now but I just needed that push to get this blog into action.

Poppy field, photographer, strugglingpoettravels, photos of England, poppy field in England, poppy field photography
Hello, it's me 👋🏻

A little bit about me

I live in London, am a graphic designer by day, and I also love writing and taking photos.

Why 'Struggling Poet Travels'?

No rhyme or reason (excuse the pun). I like writing - no I'm not a poet but I thought it sounded cool 🤷🏼‍♀️ And I like travelling. My Instagram handle has always been @strugglingpoet, so it was a natural progression to add the travel part to it for my blog name.

So, why a travel blog?

If you've seen my Instagram page, you'll know I love travelling, hiking, being outdoors, watching sunsets aaaand... taking multiple photos. Over the years I've seen some pretty nice places and I thought this would a) be a good place to track my adventures. And b) why not help some budding travel enthusiasts along the way! I often check out blogs before I visit a place - so this is my way of giving back and sharing my knowledge and experiences with others as well.

What can you expect?

Some beautiful scenery from around the world, a handful of sunsets, and, I suspect a lot of UK content (as this is where I'm based). As cool as it would be to travel for a living (I don't, as mentioned above), I tend to use my annual leave and weekends for exploring. So, if you - like me - don't have oodles of time to travel the world, this is a great place for you to pick up some quick schedules and itineraries and see places at a faster pace!

Hearst Castle, swimming pools, indoor pools, San Simeon, California, America, USA, Hearst Castle indoor pools
Hearst Castle, San Simeon, USA

A note about the photos

All the pics you see on my blog are taken by me. I bought my first DSLR camera about eight years ago (after getting frustrated that my little point-and-shoot didn't take photos fast enough) and I've taught myself photography just by going outside, exploring, and seeing what my camera can do.

Northern Ireland, Causeway Coast, Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland Tourism, road trip Northern Ireland, UK photography,, Struggling Poet Travels
Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

Where is this blog going?

I'm all about transparency! At the moment I'm enjoying sharing stuff with other like-minded travellers and readers. And if this blog takes off, that's fab! So please do like, share, subscribe, etc etc. For now, I'm happy just to be sharing stuff with y'all and logging my adventures.

Reach out

Please get involved! I welcome comments and emails with open arms! If you have any tips, questions, suggestions, please email And feel free to check out my Instagram @strugglingpoet for more regular content.

I hope you find this helpful and thanks for coming along for the ride!

Happy travels,

Shani x

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